Hi again...
We... that is EVERYONE... LOVED Cheyenne!!  In fact, everyone who congratulated me on the event mentioned what a great show she put on.  There are a few people that actually spent over 15 min. talking about what a wonderful personality and stage presence she has... tell her kudos all around!!  I actually had her check in my back pocket all day and missed you before you left.  I will send it, plus a certificate the Chamber would like to give her for her gumption tomorrow morning.  THANKS again... we will definitely see you two cowgirls in the future!!  YeeeHaww~
Heidi Petty
Crockett Chamber
***Picture From The Wild West Festival In Crockett below***
Dear Cheyenne:

Thank you so much for performing at our multi-cultural dance event on April 14th, in San Francisco, and for responding to our Call for Dancers for this fundraising event.  Because of your participation, the second annual Dance for Delhi event was quite successful.   I cannot tell you how much this school and the children of the Asharan Orphanage appreciated all the hard work, diligence, and dedication you brought to this much needed fundraiser. 

The mission of this event was both cultural awareness and altruism. Our main focus was to raise funds to benefit an orphanage in Delhi, India. This dance event  featured dancing styles from around the world (Spanish flamenco, Indian khathak, Irish step, American clogging, Argentinian tango, Mexican folkloric, middle eastern, and American jazz. Your authentic Appalachian dancing was so engaging and energetic, you held the crowd spellbound.  Your costuming and music were lively and vibrant and had the audience tapping their toes in time to the music, particularly when you encouraged them to clap with you. Your performance was simply spectacular. 

I had the chance to speak briefly with you after your performance and was so impressed by your graciousness and confidence.   As a young performer, I can only imagine how far you will take your talent and enchanting personality.  We were very lucky to host you as a dancer, and are eager to invite you again next year.  I was extremely impressed by you, and grateful for your time and effort.  I know that you will continue to do great things in your life.


Audrey Fairchild, Ph.D.
Club Facilitator
During the summer of 2006, I had the pleasure of working with a talented young lady known as Cheyenne. Cheyenne performed in the 4th annual CAFE show benefit for the arts and wowed our audience like no other performer that night. I believe she brought certain charm and elegance to her act which was completely refreshing and entertaining! I think the crowd was delighted to see a different kind of dance routine featuring such a beautiful and charismatic girl such as Cheyenne. I also was very impressed with her professionalism and maturity at such an age as 13. Her work ethic is better than most people twice her age. I am excited to see where life takes Cheyenne next as I know she will leave smiling faces wherever she will go.
Liz Adelman
Talent Producer
LZ Entertainment

Hi Alberta, Summer & Cheyenne -
Thank you so much for entertaining our Burlingame group this past Saturday.  Cheyenne was adorable, spectacular and so extremely talented.  She awed everyone in the crowd.  Summer was an extra delight.  Her voice is amazing and her Patsy Cline song was so outstanding.  My gosh, what a voice! 
They are both such strong entertainers and I'm definitely passing the word about the show to everyone I know!
Cathy Foxhoven
Howdy Cheyenne,
Thank you so much for your AMAZING performance at the ho-down we had up in Napa this August.  I could not have imagined a better way to celebrate my 30th birthday than to have you entertain me and all of my friends, many who flew in from across the country. 
Your performance with the recorded music was great and I really appreciated the clogging lessons!  Your energy and spirit certainly elevated the mood of the party several levels upward.  Your improvisational dancing with the live blue grass band that was also hired for the event was AWESOME, too.  I can not imagine how the party would have achieved the level of success it did without your involvement.  My guests will remember you for the rest of their lives.  You have an incredibly bright future with your unlimited potential and wonderful attitude.
B.H. Bronson Johnson

***Picture from Bronson's party below***
One of the joys of the Grand Opening of Playland-Not-at-the-Beach was the appearance of teenage dance sensation — Cheyenne! She volunteered her time to come to El Cerrito to entertain all the people who visited the Museum of Fun on its opening day. If you would like some truly unique entertainment at an event, Cheyenne is fantastic. She has a great presentation voice, incredible clogging skills, an incredibly radiant personality, and she brings her own stage and sound equipment too!

***Pictures from the Grand Opening below***

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