"The Sweetheart Of San Francisco"
 Cheyenne Teen Appalachian Clogger

Welcome to my website!!! Thank you for coming and y'all come back now ya hear!!! =D

Suzie Thompson on fiddle


Howdy!  My name is "Cheyenne" and I am 17 years old and trained in the art of Appalachian clogging!  I am proud to be keeping up the tradition of clogging in my family as a third generation clogger.

Clogging is rare in these parts.  When my Great Grand Mother "Dora Lee", born in  Jackson, Kentucky, came to the West she brought this talent with her. She taught my mother at a very young age and my mother taught me. I hear tell that no one can baste a turkey and clog at the same time better than Great Grandma "Dora Lee", but who really knows. My Great Great Grand Pappy could've been clogging on that back porch long before all of us!

I am hoping to get more youth interested in clogging to start a team out here in San Francisco. If you are interested, be sure to check out the classes offered in your area!


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