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This is a page dedicated to all my friends,family, pets, and hobbies!!!

Its has pictures, storys, jokes (inside jokes), etc...

Me and my Great Grandpa Mercedes at my Uncle Cippi's Birthday party

Me and my 95 year old Uncle Fred at a performance in Sacramento

All my friends and family celebrating my 16th birthday

      I had so much fun on this day! Before the party started a few of my friends and I got make overs by a make up artist friend of mine. Once the party starded we had BBQ and everyone brought something to eat so there was everything from tortillas to piroshkis (small Russian turnovers or dumplings with a filling, as of meat or fruit). It was great! The cake was to die for!!! It was a white cake with on one layer strawberrys and on the second mixed melons! It was like no other cake I've ever had and I most definatly want the same cake for my next birthday!

"Is that BACON?!?!"

"Thank you!!! Yummy yummy yummy!!! That bacon was delicious!!!" 

"I love my baby!!!"

 My beautiful dog Tipper bathing in the warm sun

My dog Tipper is a rescue dog. I like to think that we didn't pick her, she picked us. My mom wanted a different dog that she seen at the animal shelter, but when she was looking around at all the dogs she passed by Tipper. Tipper seemed so happy to see my mom almost like she already knew who she was. As my mom was walking past, looking at a different dog, Tipper some how opened the door to her room and went to my mom. My mom loved how intelligent Tipper was so she had to have her! I am very glad my mom didn't choose any other dog cause she's one of a kind and I love her!

My cat likes to bath in the sun too!

This is my cat Sunday! Isn't that the perfect name for him! 

"What the heck are you looking at? It was the dog I swear!"

"I'm not a cat, I'm a rabbit!"

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