I have so many people to thank and only so many hours in the day so this page is still under construction!!! =)

Thank you for being patient!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I just wanted to make a whole page dedicated to thanking everyone that has helped me and inspired me to live my dreams and never give up!

By the way I'm really sorry if I forget anybody!

First off thank you so much to my "Sutter Creek" Grandparents Grandma Carol And Grandpa Nick Smith! You have opened a whole new world of adventure for me! Camping, racing, marching bands, horse back riding, church camp, theater & Acting opportunities, and just showing how much you care by spending time with me! I love you both! Say hi to the animals for me =] A very big thank you for the beautiful laptop you gave me for my 16th birthday! I will never forget that fantastic surprise and you driving all that way just for me! But not just that, came for the party!!! Without you both I wouldn't even have this website! You have helped me so much! This has made studies and promoting and preserving Clogging a whole lot easier! Also thank you Daddy for the gorgeous yellow petticoat! Please give all my Aunts a big hug for me for all of their love and support!

I want to thank my Grandma Birdie! She does  so much for me and is THE BEST MANAGER/COOK/TAXI DRIVER/GRANDMA in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

Mommy I love you soooooooo much!!! If it weren't for you I obviously would not be here! Thank you for coming on my Clogging Shows! I love hearing you belt out my favorite bluegrass tunes =)

I wanna thank my Great Grandpa Mercedes for taking me to my farthest clogging gigs and doing so without a single complaint, I know you enjoy watching me perform and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful Grandfather like you!!! Also, I want to thank you for being my personal banker! All I have to do is give you the money and you go straight to the bank to deposit it in my bank account!

Thank you Great Grandma Cleo for coming to my performances and always making sure I have a stomach full of good old New Mexican food!

Thank you to my clogging teachers Matt Ellinger and Ian Enriquez! If it weren't for you guys I couldn't call myself a clogger! You are the best teachers anyone could ask for and I love you guys so much!!! Thank you for everything!

Thank you to all the guys of Barbary Coast Cloggers!!! You guys always make me feel welcome! RIP Doug Chin... We miss you!

Thank you to all my photographers! You take such wonderful photos and are always so easy to work with!

And thank you to all my friends!!! (Their are so many of you so I'll list your names later lol) You are an amazing support system!!! Awesome is the only way to describe you guys!!! We laugh, cry, and get mad together! I love you all!!!

Thank you so much everyone!!!

I don't know what I would do with out you!!!

Love Always,

Cheyenne Mercedes Danner

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