Cheyenne Mercedes Danner

  Cheyenne is 16 years old. Her birthday is May 14, 1993. Cheyenne started as a child actor at age 5. Her first play was in the production of Hazel and Gretal performed at the Palace Legion of Honor in San Francisco produced by the Golden Gate Opera Company.  Cheyenne's love for performing bloomed into many directions such stage plays, Indie film acting, and traditional Ethnic Dance.  At age 10 she performed in a Inter-disciplinary drama  "Gnome" performed at the Counter Pulse Theater in San Francisco.  Her first introduction into Indie film shorts started at age eleven in   "Psychopath."  Cheyenne enjoys daring roles. Ethnic dance training started at age 12 as a third generation clogger in her family Cheyenne Her dance trainings with the legendary all male clogging troupe the "Barbary Coast Cloggers" led her to be the ONLY girl ever allowed to perform with them in there existence of 25 years for major venues. She is a young actress who truly enjoys being on stage in all forms. She is very photogenic, learns lines quickly, and takes direction well.
Hair:      Brown
Eyes:     Green
Weight: 120
Height:  5'4''
Pants:    6-7
Dress:    6-7
Shoe:     7 to 8
Race:     Spanish/Danish/Filipino

Independent Films
Silent Scream                    Lead                     2005
Busker                               Supporting            2006
A Father's Promise             Supporting           2006   
Psychopath                        Lead                     2007
Domestic Battery               Lead                     2007
There is a Kingdom            Lead                     2008  
Italian Woman's Club         Extra                     2009
Sharing Ice Cream             Lead                      2009

Live Theater Drama's
Song of Bernadette          Supporting             2005
Gnome                              Lead                       2006
Crucible                           Supporting              2007

Hanzel and Gretal             Chorus                  1998
School House rock             Lead                     2003
How to Eat Like a Child     Lead                     2007
A Christmas Carol              Chorus                  2007
Belrose Theatre                Vaudeville Follies  2007
Little Shop of Horrors       Chorus                   2008
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