Booking Cheyenne

At present Cheyenne has a 30 minute show and is ready to perform for special community events, fairs, parties, and anywhere Old Time Bluegrass and Country Western style entertainment is needed.

  • She brings music on a CD
  • She will come dressed in custom made, traditional clogging attire, in bright colors
  • Cheyenne talks to her audience about the history of clogging and demonstrates the names of the fancy footwork used in clogging
  • Cheyenne brings special guests on the stage with her upon request (to see whom click Special Guests on the Navigation bar)
  • Her shows are always expanding with new music, dances and special guests
If you are interested in hiring Cheyenne Please be aware that she needs a hard surface such as hard wood flooring (portable is ideal) or linoleum and also a dance space of 7x8 feet.

Going rate for a 15 minute show is $75

30 minute $150

and with special guests added between $200-250
(price can be negotiated)

To hire Cheyenne please call: (415) 368-7527 or Email

Reel available upon request

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