Cheyenne's Biography

Cheyenne Mercedes Danner born May 14, 1993 into a family of multi-talented entertainers. Having been exposed from the cradle into the enchanting world of Music, Dance, and  Theater, by her family, this influenced her direction as a young entertainer greatly. Her first introduction to live theater was at age five, performing with her  mother actress/singer and Flamenco dancer, (Summerlynn Rivera ) in the production of classic tale Hanzel and Gretal at the Palace Legion of Honor in San Francisco, Ca.  It was evident Cheyenne's comfort zone and idea of fun at such a tender age was being under the limelight!   Soon after Cheyenne was cast in many other Musicals and Inter-Disciplinary live theater play's and drama's such as "Gnome" performed at the edgy Counter Pulse Theater in San Francisco. It is with pure joy, excitement , and gratitude that Cheyenne has had the honor and privilege in working with local up and coming professional and student photographers and Independent Film makers. Since 2005,  starting at age 11 she has been cast in 8 Independent films and worked with 9 photographers. Other early influences in shaping this young entertainer come from LIVE MUSIC & DANCE sessions held by the family. They have always been an important factor in her life. Her Grandfather guitarist and sessions artist Tyrone Rivera, former member to the top 40 and Beatles Tribute 70's band "Brotherly Love"  along with her Uncles studio musicians flutist Bernie Rivera, percussionist Billy Rivera and mother Orchestra singer and Flamenco Dance artist Summerlynn Rivera.  Many of these live brotherly jams sessions where unplugged acoustic stemming back to the families Kentucky roots. Cheyenne quickly snagged the talent for carrying on the tradition of Appalachia n clogging as a third generation clogger after her mother Summerlynn and Great Grandmother "Dora Lee."  Now trained by the by the best clogging all male troupe in the world based in San Francisco. Cheyenne has the best of both worlds when clogging is still taught traditional and now in the mix with new beats of Hip-Hop styles. Cheyenne HOSTS her own shows at over 60 events a year and performs with her trainers Matt Ellinger and Ian Enriquez of the renowned "Barbary Coast Cloggers" at some of the biggest venues the Bay Area has to offer. Cheyenne humorous and down to earth stage presence when hosting shows makes her a favorite with kids and teens. Her knowledge of dance meets fun, whether it be Hip-Hop or World Dance makes her a refreshing addition to the perfect hostess for any event.

Dance Biography 

Meet the "Sweetheart of San Francisco." Third generation clogger and award winning soloist Cheyenne presents a high energy authentic Appalachian clogging show that is a sure fire crowd pleaser for folks of all ages to enjoy! Kids are mesmerized by her precision clogging and parents are amazed by her stage presence and personality. Performing at over 60 events a year, Cheyenne educates audiences on the joys of fancy footwork clogging as she preserves & promotes this great American dance form that dates back to the early 1700's.

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