Oh gosh. I am so tired! I had summer school today (next Friday is the last day yay!) and it was super boring! In English class we read about King Arthur thanks to this kid in my class. Any other time it would have been fun to read, but it was way to early to even think! On the other hand my grandma made me a bagel with peanut butter and jelly and it was very yummy! That was about the only exciting thing about first period. Second period I have Math... ehhh. I am getting a lot better in that class got a 95% on my test today, but yet again it is super boring! Why can't the classes be interesting, adventurous, surprising! It would make kids look forward to going to class and there would be fewer absences. Well, anyways. I pretty much talked to my friend Danny (Daniel) the whole time while we were doing our classwork. I am very luck there is someone I know in the same class with me cause in English I don't know anyone and I get very lonely and tend to almost fall asleep HAHAHA. The only reason I am taking summer school is because I want to get a head and I honestly do not think I am gonna take summer school next year cause it just takes to much energy, uses up my summer, and I don't get to sleep in lol