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Day by the Wharf in San Francisco

Posted by Cheyenne Danner on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, In : After clogging gigs 
On Monday I clogged down at the Cannery by Fisherman's Wharf and i had so much fun!!! After in the parking garage I had a great view of the bay and Alcatraz! But its just like San Francisco to ruin a perfectly good picture by being foggy lol! I still love my foggy city =D

I also cut my grandma's hair! How did I do?! lol

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Omg I clogged for 4 hours today!!!

Posted by Cheyenne Danner on Sunday, July 12, 2009, In : After clogging gigs 
    I clogged for 4 hours today at the cannery and I am pooped!!! I've never clogged that much in the same day ever before and I hope I'll never have to do it again cause now my whole body hurts lol. Now I'm relaxing at home in my bed drinking some tea and watching black & white movies!!! I love old movies!!!

After the show today I loaded up and headed out. My grandma thought this was so funny she just had to take a picture of me wheeling out my equipment. 

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